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UK Company formation

Proper UK company formation is an important starting point for the business that is going to operate internationally. Our companies are normally formed, approved and ready to trade with all UK company documents delivered within 1 business day.

The Most Popular Package

UK company + Online Banking Accounts

Online Business Package

  • Government Fee included
  • Ready to trade UK LTD company
  • Digital copy of incorporation documents
  • Printed copy of incorporation documents
  • Premium London Registered Address for 1 year
  • Paysera / DynaPay / SatchelPay business account to accept and send SEPA and SWIFT payments + Paysera Visa*
  • Priority Pass to access more than 1200 VIP lounges in Airports Worldwide!

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Company Formation

Our companies are normally formed, approved and ready to trade with full company documents delivered within 1 business day.

Receive payments

Start receiving payments from your customers worldwide using SWIFT/ACH/SEPA transfers. Withdraw funds with Prepaid Mastercard

Address and Courier Services

Establish an international footprint with a prestigious central London office with your post being forwarded via post or DHL

Why UK company (LTD) and who could benefit from owning it?

First of all, UK Limited companies are easy to start and operate, especially if your profit levels are still classified as small profits (under 300 000 GBP). The Companies Act 2006, made it easier to run a limited company. The government continues to examine ways to give well run companies the freedom to focus on business rather than administrative formalities.

Limited liability of owners

The UK Limited company has its own legal identity. The shareholders of a company have a limited or capped liability for the debts of the business. A limited company allows you to take a calculated business risk without the prospect of losing everything. 

Jurisdiction prestige

UK companies are not considered offshore, therefore do not fall under classification of black, grey offshores and these are the good news for a startup. Still the tax regime is most clear and attractive. As it was said above, you can focus on your startup and business while your profits are relatively low.

Dormant companies can be set up

A company does not have to trade to exist, comparing with the opposite situation in other jurisdictions, where you are required to do tax payments, pay minimal salary to a director, even though your company doesn’t generate any revenue.  It can be dormant which means it has made no ‘significant accounting transactions’ during its financial year.  This can be useful for the startups that not yet have the time or capital for development.  You’ll need to register the name and maintain the necessary formalities to keep the company on the register, although these requirements for dormant companies are somewhat easier to meet than those for other companies. All you have to do is maintain the filling of Confirmation Statement and Accounts once a year, what takes no more than 10 minutes if your company is in fact dormant.

Who can benefit from owning UK company?

Are you a sole freelance contractor providing services to the companies in the UK, EU or internationally? Cryptocurrency trader? App Store / Google Play developer? Small or medium web-development company? Consulting agency? Marketer or marketing agency? Non resident entrepreneur that need a legal presence in Europe? Basically any other small business that does not require special licenses and compliance.

Opening Business Bank Accounts

Opening a business bank account for UK company having non resident directors can be very challenging as all the main high street banks will require the directors or business owners that reside within the UK. Still we do have options no matter where in the world you live. All you need is just a basic documents package for the company and applicant, the person who will manage online account to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) international requirements.

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Digital package

  • Government Fee included
  • Ready to trade LTD company
  • Digital copy of incorporation documents
  • London registered address for 1 year
  • Automated service. No individual consulting!

Online Business Package

  • Everything included in Digital package
  • Printed copy of incorporation documents
  • Premium London Registered Address for 1 year
  • Paysera / DynaPay / SatchelPay business account to accept and send SEPA and SWIFT payments + Paysera Visa*
  • Priority Pass to access more than 1200 VIP lounges in Airports Worldwide!

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International All-Inc


Do I need my company documents Apostilled and Notarised?

Most Online Banks and PSP would open you an account without apostille and notarised copy of your Limited Company documents. Still you should get your documents Apostilled if you choose to open a non resident business bank account outside the UK, or you want to open a new branch of your company overseas.

Which package should I choose?

Our ready to trade companies start at just 99 EUR with all the necessary documents ready to start working as a legal limited company.

Still the package to recommend depends much on your needs.

Basic package offers you a ready to trade company registration and you can expect to receive the digital version of Memorandum & Articles of association, Certificate of Registration, Share certificates, Company Register and First entries within 1 business day.

Online Business Package includes everything above as well as printed hardcopy documents sent to you by mail. But the main advantage of this package, what’s making it the most recommended and demanded, is that you’ll have the online banking accounts ready to accept SEPA/SWIFT/BACS/FPS/ACH payments from your customers along with prepaid Mastercard to get access to your funds wherever you are.

International All-inclusive package includes everything that’s offered with the first two packages and additionally you receive apostilled documents for your company, which enables you to open a bank account in your country, for instance. In order for the foreign country to accept the document as a valid UK document, proof must be made that the signatures and the document are legitimate. This is the purpose of the authentication process. Additionally we offer Priority Pass card that gives you access to more than 1200 VIP airport lounges across the globe!

Which documents do I need in order to open UK Limited company

Normally, all we need to open you a limited company – is the following information about the company and owners/directors:

In order to open you an account and issue a prepaid Mastercard/Visa with our PSP partners we’ll also need your passport/ID scan and a proof of address (e.g. utility bill)

How long does it take to register a company and open online business account?

We have strong relationships with all three PSPs so you normally can expect:

  • Digital documents for your new company – the same or following business day
  • Hardcopy apostilled documents for your new company – within 2 weeks
  • Paysera account approval – within 3 working days
  • Paysera debit card delivery – within 10 working days

* SatchelPay and Dynapay may charge extra fees depending on your risk class and their T&C